Ciroc Vs Hennessy All White Party 2014

This summer we were happy to present “Ciroc vs. Hennessy 2014 All White Party”. Last year we held the first annual “Project Ciroc” house party in Toronto in which the title of this party was inspired by the movie “Project X”. This year we teamed up with I RUN T.O™, Triple Threat, and Dream Team to deliver a lively outdoor BBQ event with music provided by both Triple Threat and Dream Team.  Chris “Holvs” Holvey & Eric Chudnoff covered the media behind this event with video and a live photo shoot with a white backdrop at the party.  Team Ciroc consisted of I RUN T.O™ and Wryght Music® versus team Hennessy which included  Triple Threat and Dream Team.  The winner would be determined by the number of bottles finished at the end of the night. With the music playing along with the ladies and gentlemen dressed in all white attire, this set the tone for the rest of the night.  The night was also filled with bottles popping, backwoods rolling, and the BBQ grilling. A professional cook  lit up the kitchen with deliciously cooked Caribbean food.  To top off this warm summer night, large bowls of home made Grenadian ice cream was handed out. When the night came to an end, team Ciroc had the victory with the most bottles finished.  We would like to thank everyone who came out and to our affiliates who we paired up with to make this happen.  Next year around the same time, we will be at it again!  View the photos of the Ciroc vs. Hennessy 2014 All White Party here.

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