Kemeion Coutain better known by his stage name OMYGOTTI is a recording artist, brand ambassador, and entrepreneur residing in Toronto, Ontario. OMYGOTTI was born in Grenada and moved to Toronto when he was 4 years old. OMYGOTTI was raised in the mid-west end of Toronto and was introduced to music at a young age. He started playing a variety of musical instruments such as the acoustic and electric guitars and he started rapping at the age of 11. He started going to the studio at the age of 12 and entered rap battle cyphers at the age of 14. In June 2011 he released his first independent Mixtape “Loud Talk Vol. 0.75” accompanied with hit song “Never Ask Why”. Following this milestone, OMYGOTTI hit number one on two years in in a row for hip hop in Canada. OMYGOTTI has previously created music that is relatable to people of various cultural and ethnic backgrounds. He currently has 901,068 fans on Facebook from many countries around the world. OMYGOTTI plans on continuing to create music that is relatable, main stream, and unique to his audience. Currently, OMYGOTTI is working on his anticipated album “Perfect Timing”, releasing in 2016. Once the release of “Perfect Timing”, OMYGOTTI plans on performing in major music tours in the United States and Europe.


In terms of entrepreneurial work, OMYGOTTI co-founded Wryght Music®, a start-up record label in Toronto along with an affiliate Kacey Coutain (Kay Coutz). In 2014, Wryght Music® became a registered business in Ontario. OMYGOTTI also enjoys being the “life of the party” and has hosted a number of parties in Toronto such as: “Perfect Timing” single release party at Gravity Soundbar, “Spring Break Crush Party” at Guvernment, Caribana weekend in Toronto at Estate Nightclub and Tryst Nightclub. Furthermore, OMYGOTTI has been hosting I RUN T.O’s annual Ciroc parties at the end of the summer for the last 2 years. OMYGOTTI also became affiliated with the brand “I RUN T.O” in 2011 and in 2013, he was the brand ambassador for “GOLDAIA”, a street-wear clothing line located in Paris, France. In 2016, OMYGOTTI plans to re-introduce the public to iimi.TV (Intimidate Television) which is a blog that revolves around music and entertainment and release merchandise for Wryght Music®.





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